Two Encouraging Sermons (watch for more soon)

On February 24, 2001. . .

       . . . Morris Venden was drafted by his son to present the weekly sermon.  He was not expecting

       the invitation.  In his own words, he "didn't even bring a suit."  So, he borrowed a jacket from

       Tom Allen, a local physics teacher. 

            In the company of crying babies, failing batteries in the cordless microphone, and an

       appreciative audience, Pastor Venden delivered what one listener (who had preached many

       sermons himself) later called ". . outstanding!  It may be the most enlightening sermon I've ever

       heard!  I've just listened to it twice and am on the third time."  (This listener first encountered it

       via CD.)  As far as we know, the sermon remains uncopyrighted.

            Click here to hear it.  It is an .mp3 file, approximately 41 minutes playing time. 

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Many years later. . .

       . . . at a large campmeeting, Don Schneider gave a presentation - coincidentally just a

      few hundred yards from the location where Morris Venden's sermon (above) was delivered.

       The topic: "What does God see when He looks at you?"

      The encouraging answer - enabled by Jesus' sacrifice - "You Look Good to Me!"

            Click here to hear it.  It's .mp3 format, 55 minutes, 33 Mb.